Skype for business invites

first invite:

Invited to a meeting at skype for business,
with someting like:

“Have everyone got their office365 account?
Just login there and download the client.”

Logged in, looked around until I found it, and got the Error:
“You can only install Skype for Business on a PC or MAC”

Googled to try to find a linux replacement, but didn’t find any.

Asked if we could have the meeting on hangout instead,
as far as I know, it works well on every device that can run chrome/chromium.

Problem avoided.

third invite:

This group was determined to use the “recommended” software.

Opening the invite-link in firefox, and got the option to use a web-app instead, but with the warning: “no video or screen-sharing, and no audio”, but it looked like I could write at least.

Tried to open it in chromium, it gave me a link to install a plugin, but the link didn’t work, couldn’t even type from chrome, so switched back to firefox.

A few minutes into the meeting, they asked in chat if I had audio problems, so answered that I had problems with proprietary software, and pasted the error message from before.

Someone asked if I tried the android or iphone app, as the webpage said pc and mac only, I hadn’t looked in the android application list before, so installed the app, logged in, and at least got audio, but no text or video.

After over an hour, I figured out that the around 5px white border across the screen was the top of a still-frame of the screen-sharing, the reason I noticed was that I got a 2nd still-frame, this time a bit more high. (5% of a frame per hour => 13μHz)


  • got audio from the android-app, but no text or video.
  • got text-chat from the web-app in firefox, but no audio or video.
  • got no video at all unless you count the border of a still-frame.

Audio only meeting could work, if you plan the meeting with that in mind. But when thats not the plan, and a lot of the meeting talk is about what everyone else sees in the presentation, and live website demonstrations, its a bit hard to understand what they are talking about.

Written by Puggan, 2016-06-13 22:25:57 CEST (+0200)

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