Day 1 – Rome trip 2014

When it was time to go to bed the day before, I remembered I should have printed out the document we got by E-mail, when we payed for the trip. So woke up early, went down to my association , borrowed the printer, and then went back home to pick up my luggage, and out to the parking lot, to wait for our friend acting as our chauffeur, but she was early, and was already waiting for us. We got to the airport in time, rearranged our bags, so we have one less bag to carry around, and at 8:10, 2 hours before our flight, one luggage check in started there screen and our flight number appeared, so we lined up there, and waited there for a while, but no one was servicing that station, 2 check-ins to the right was a line for an open luggage check in, marked only with the flight company we was flying with, so we went over there when that queue got shorter. After the luggage check-in we went to exchange/get some euro, and after that some breakfast, air port breakfast is a bit expensive, but we was hungry. At the table next to us was puppy, and his owner, it was really cute. When we had have our breakfast, we headed over to the security check-in, had no experiences of this, so had to ask allot, but after the nice lady reminded me that my sweeter also had pockets, I was ready to pass, but no, the “door” didn’t like me, had to take of my shoes too. While reasabeling my luggage, i noticed they had removed Irres bag to the floor, and she had to answer some question, we had to trow away here shampoo, it was too large. After finding our gate, we sat down and wait, and a lady asked if Irre could answer some questions, so she did, was mostly about from where and how we got to the airport. When the plain arrived, we got instruction about what seat-numbers should enter at the front door, and what seat-numbers should enter at the back door, our seat-numbers was designated to the back door. We find our seats quick, but some other passengers had more problems, and was blocking the way, and a few had taken the wrong door, and was traveling against the flow at the small passage between the seats. The start and flight went well, the landing was a bit more scary for some first time flyers. The airplane personal informed us to sit down, and keep away from the corridor and luggage until the plan had stopped and the seat belt signed had disappeared, but looked like most of the passenger forget about that really fast, and was getting down there luggage before the plane had stopped, and was standing around waiting, as they didn’t open the door yet. Why are people in that hurry to get the luggage, they can’t get of the plane until they open the doors anyway, and they have to wait even longer to get there checked in luggage. The walk from the plane to the luggage was quite long, but we arrived 10 minutes before the luggage anyway. Then we went to the Information desk and asked where we could get a map, he informed us that we could get a map at the “Tourist information”, and pointed us in the right direction. The tourist information provided us with a map, and also told us what stations to switch at, and what station our hotel was closest to. So we followed the signs to the train, find a ticket shop, and got a shuffle-buss-ticket to Rome terminal, the buss took us and 6 others to Rome, and dropped of some at there hotels, and us at the terminal. There had bean a couple of hours since breakfast, so was hungry, and we saw 2 nearby restaurants, one pizza restaurant, and one mc donalds, we wanted to continue our trip to the hotel soon, so we eats some hamburgers before continuing. Following the signs for “Metro A”, until we ended up at the ticket barrier, and looked around, finding ticket vending machines, buying 2 tickets for 1.50 € each, and continued pass the ticket barrier, and down some stairs, checking the map to try to figure out what direction was the right one, and continuing down, down, and down again, and there it was, the metro A, but so was allot of people, no chans at getting on that one, but the next one arrived shortly after, so we got on, and traveled a few stops, before getting off to change to the train, looking around for some signs, someone asked if we wanted some help, we showed him the map, and told us where the train station was, we went there, our metro ticket worked at thous ticket barriers to, and we ended up between 2 tracks, and tried to figure out if one of the 2 trains was the right one, the station names found on the train was not in the timetable, so we got no clue, but we saw a driver (or other staff) go off one of the train, so we showed him the map and asked if any of the trains could take us there, and he pointed at one of them, so we entered that one. Inside the train was a map of the stations, and we found our destination listed, so that felt good, some stops later we left the train, at an odd station, looking around for some clues of where to go next, saw no signs of a bus station, but there was at leas a crossroad with sign, but we had to go to the other side of the road, and it had allot of traffic, looking around we saw a zebra crossing, so we went there, but the cars didn’t care, at least 20 cars just passed by before we got the chans to pass. The signs had the name of the town where our hotel was, so we followed that road, looking for a buss stop, and just keeped walking. At the hotel we checked in, got some information about the breakfast times, and where to find the buss stop, and how the tickets works, even corrected him on how long the ticket was valid, with information from the ticket I already had one in my pocket. Some information we already know from reading reviews of the hotel. The reviews in short: Taxi to hotel is expensive, train and buss to hotel is very cheap, there is dogs that barks in the area, and the wify only works in the lobby.

Written by Puggan, 2014-02-06 19:28:11 CET (+0100)

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