This week I played around with bitid, a authentication protocol using the same security key-pairs as Bitcoins, on it’s way to be implemented in common bitcoin-wallet-apps.

I writen a wordpress-plugin that using this protocol, as you can se by the QR code at .
Unless I turn on pin-code-settings on my wallet-app, the only thing i need to do to login, is to start the qr-scaner on the phone, and scan that qr code, and walla, I’m logged in to the site.

For more information:
* BitID-protocol:
* php-exemple:
* wordpress plugin:
* wallets:
* * Mycelium (Ops only in Testnet-version so far):…mycelium.testnetwallet
* * fork of schildbach-wallet (source-code only)

Written by Puggan, 2014-07-05 23:39:34 CEST (+0200)

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