Had my android one day now, and the problems i found so far:

1. The calendar can’t display the month or week as ISO-8601 defined, with Monday as first day of week, my first mobile even got a setting for that, but something so mainstream as android doesn’t??
2. Contact nicknames, The contacts have a field for nicknames, and there even a per contact option to select what name to show it as, if its linked from contacts from multiple accounts, but you can’t select the nickname to be shown.
3. Network settings, still haven’t found a way to change the hostname of the device, and the DNS settings forced static IP, to be able to use static DNS settings and DHCP for IP i bought a app för 25kr

Miss my Nokia N900 🙁


1. the calendar change the “first day of week” when you select language, so to get both English and Mondays, I now use Australian English.
2. How often do I use the phone-book? less then once per month. I answer when people call, and i got picture-links on my phones desktop to my closest friends.
3. The app didn’t work, it just copy the DHCP-adress to a static IP, and set my preferred DNS settings, when i change network i get my old IP, and can’t communicate on that network, instead i changed the settings on the DHCP-server:s, so if my phone ask for a IP, send my special DNS settings instead of the default ones, and there by bypass our DNS-hosname-blocking.

Written by Puggan, 2013-02-22 16:05:31 CET (+0100)

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